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On June 1, Stampin' Up! made the following announcement  on its Blog:

"Now is your last chance to get Stampin’ Up! downloads and print products at the discounted prices. Everything in the My Digital Studio product line is available for 30 percent off until the end of day on June 2. See the spreadsheets of retiring MDS products here:

As a general reminder:
June 2 is the last day to buy downloads or place print orders with the 30 percent discount. After June 2, Stampin’ Up! will no longer sell anything related to the My Digital Studio product line.
On June 2, all Online Store categories will be replaced with new categories in support of the 2015-2016 annual catalog. The new categories will contain new and carryover items in the 2015-2016 annual catalog. All other items, including the MDS software and digital downloads, will be searchable and orderable, but not categorized.

June 9 is the last day that Stampin’ Up! will support the My Digital Studio product line. After June 9, all of the MDS websites will be taken down. That list includes, related content on the demonstrator website, the download manager, YouTube videos, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Make sure that you download and back up your digital downloads and software before June 9. For help with backing up files, see
The MDS playlist of YouTube videos on the Stampin’ Up! channel will be available (for the foreseeable future) via  the following link:

Download Availability and Alternatives:
Stampin' Up! has extended the availability date for, the digital download manager, and its MDS YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest pages through midnight, June 9, 2015. Demonstrators and customers may call Demonstrator Support for assistance with MDS until Demonstrator Support closes at 7:00 PM (MT) on Tuesday, June 9.

After the Stampin' Up! digital store closes, Stampin' Up! indicated that for the foreseeable future, all Digital Project Life card collections will be made available through the store.  (There are both Project Life by Stampin' Up! and Project Life digital downloads at that site.) 

If you've never ordered a non-Stampin' Up! digital download before, here are a few tips I learned after ordering one from the Project Life store above.  The download comes in a zip file.  (Mine downloaded straight to my Downloads Folder.)  Right click on the zip file and select Extract All.  This will open a separate folder with the PNG or SVG files.  Then, drag that folder into the appropriate folder in your Components Folder.  So, for example, if you purchased Project Life cards and embellishments (both considered embellishments), drag the folder with the PNG or SVG files into c:/Program Files (x86)/My Digital Studio/Components/Embellishments/_Designer Kits.  Once you do that, you should be able to open My Digital Studio and see the downloaded items just like normal.

Backing Up My Digital Studio:
This is Tami.  After June 2, 2015 (originally, it was May 31, but Stampin' Up! changed the date), you will no longer have the ability to access your downloads (including downloadable software) or current updates on the Stampin' Up! websites.  Therefore, I created a document HERE to help you back up your My Digital Studio software, updates, downloads, and projects.  It is necessary to back up all four in order to completely restore everything in the event of a computer crash, or if you simply want to load MDS software onto a new computer.  I also created three videos.  

I forgot to mention one really important thing in the videos.  Make sure to back up your  Product Code to activate your software!  Add it to a Word document and back it up with your software so you have it readily available when/if you need to restore the software. 

To find your Product Key if you didn't already save it somewhere, open your MDS software, and open any project. Then go to HELP and About MDS.   Click on the Support Tab - Take a screen shot and save this file or print it or write it down somewhere.  If your computer crashes you won't be able to see this later to reinstall the software.  Here is a sample of what the screen looks like: 

Additional Back Up Advice:
There are several ways that you can download items to your computer from the Stampin' Up! website, including 1) to MDS for Windows, 2) to MDS for Mac, and 3) Other Applications.  If you choose to download to MDS (either Windows or Mac), the routine automatically puts the downloads into your MDS Components folder as JPEG or SVG files.  When you back up your Components folder, you end up backing up all your downloads.  I heard advice that it would also be a good idea to download everything to your computer selecting the Other Applications (3rd choice), and then back that up.  This basically downloads everything as JPEG or SVG files to your Downloads Folder, so you have the ability to add the items to any application using any platform.  However, I later heard other advice saying that's not really necessary, that it's duplicating work.  It's really your choice regarding how careful you want to be.

Note:  After I made these videos, Stampin' Up! changed the end date from May 31, 2015 to June 2, 2015.

 MDS Back Up - Projects and Components:

MDS Back Up - Software and Updates:

MDS Back Up - Restoring My Digitial Studio from a Back Up:

Linking Your Projects to MDS Monday:
Having trouble linking your project to our website?  Learn how to save your project as a JPEG or PNG file, upload it to, and link it to MDS Monday here:

Here you will find a list of techniques, tips, tricks and tutorials for My Digital Studio.

All videos can be found on, but we have linked a few of them here to get you started!

BATCH PHOTO EFFECTSApply photo effects on selected pages
BRUSH TOOLCreate freehand art with different brush sizes and shapes
CALENDAR EFFECTSApply settings to all Design Center calendars in a project
CHANGE ALL TEXT IN PROJECTApply font settings to all text in a project
CHANGE LAYER OF SELECTED OBJECTSMove multiple selected objects without grouping
CHANGE PUNCH SHAPEChange punch to another punch shape and maintain filled pattern
CHANGE TEXT CASEQuickly change text to upper or lower-case
CUSTOM CANVAS SIZECreate a project in any size up to 24" x 24"
CUSTOM GROUPSSave custom created groups to import on other projects
DIGITAL STITCHINGAdd stitched line—choose from several stitching styles
EDIT OBJECT SHORTCUT KEYEdit objects with a shortcut: CMD/CTRL+
ENHANCED PAGE LAYER EDITINGResize Designer Series Paper on the canvas and maintain pattern
ENHANCED PHOTO DRAG & DROPDrag and drop a photo onto a photo box in any layer
ERASER TOOLEasily erase freehand brushes
EXPORT TO PNGSave your project as a PNG file
EXPORT TO SVGSave your project as an SVG file for use with an e-cutter
FILL PUNCH WITH CARD STOCKAdd card stock (and textured card stock) to punches
FILL PUNCH WITH PHOTOEasily add a photo to any punch shape
GLOBAL SEARCHSimultaneously search for all content types
INTUITIVE iPHOTO INTEGRATIONAccess and use photos on a Mac more easily
LAYERS PALETTE Quickly manipulate and edit project layers
LINE TOOLInsert and manipulate lines with curves and custom paths
MIRROR DESIGNER SERIES PAPERMirror and flip backgrounds and layered Designer Series Paper
MIRROR TEXTChoose a mirror text option for use on iron-on transfers
MIRROR/FLIP GROUPSReverse and flip a set of grouped objects
PAPER RIP OPTIONCreate torn edges with Designer Series Paper and card stock
PHOTO FILL GROUPED BOXESGroup photo boxes and fill with one photo
PROJECT SIZE CONVERSIONEasily change any project to a different size
RECOLOR DESIGNER SERIES PAPERMonochromatically change the color of layered Designer Series Paper
RECOLOR EMBELLISHMENTSMonochromatically change the color of an embellishment
RECOLOR PHOTOMonochromatically change the color of a photo
ROUND PAPER CORNERSRound any corner of Designer Series Paper and card stock
ROUND PHOTO CORNERSRound any corner of a photo
SMART GUIDESDrag guides from the ruler to your project for perfect alignment
SMART OBJECT ALIGNMENTAlign objects with mat consideration
SPLATTER TOOLAdd splatters of color in different sizes
STAMP IMAGE COLORINGAdd more than one color to a single stamp image
SUGGESTED COLOR COMBOSSee expertly coordinated color combo ideas in the Color Palette
TEXT IN COLUMNSType text in columns
TEXT JUSTIFICATIONJustify text left, center, right AND top, middle, bottom
TEXT ON A PATHAdd text to any line style to create your own curvy verses
TEXT SHAPESAdd text to any punch shape
TEXT TRACKINGIncrease/decrease the horizontal space between letters
VECTOR STAMP BRUSH IMAGESResize vector stamp while keeping its image crisp
WATERMARK OPTIONChange the color to white and opacity to 10% with just one click
ZOOM TOOL SHORTCUTSGet to the zoom tool with a shortcut
BACKGROUND PHOTOQuickly add a photo as a background
CROP EMBELLISHMENTSShow off part of the embellishment and hide the rest
CROP STAMPSShow off part of the stamp image and hide the rest
EDIT OBJECTS OFF-CANVASRotate, resize, and manipulate items that extend beyond the canvas
FONT SEARCHFind a font by typing the first few letters
SUPPLY LISTView a list of items used on a page
UNLOCK INDIVIDUAL OBJECTSRight-click object to unlock


  1. By the way, I love your long list of How To's and Videos!

  2. WOW! I just found this page...thanks for all the technique vids...I've never heard of some of these techniques...woo hoo!

  3. This may be a dumb question, but I purchased the $80 disc with the original mds content, and then I purchased an online download when I upgraded to mds 2. If my computer crashes, do I put in my original mds disc and download it and then download the mds 2 to my computer, or will all my content be there if I just download the mds 2? It was my understanding (but I could be wrong) that if you just purchased the mds 2 software, you would not get all the original content that came out with the first mds disc. Thanks for answering my question. I'm so sad mds is going away and I dont want to lose anything.

  4. Jo, not a dumb question. I'm so glad you asked. Please refer to the instructions that I added this week regarding backing up your software versus your content. I would suggest backing up your Content Folder separately. (That way you're backing up the content from the original software, mds 2, and any downloads you've purchased.) Once you do that, if your computer crashes, you only need to load the most recent software (mds 2 downloadable.) Then, you can copy the whole Contents folder back into your program. I also suggest backing up the downloadable software, because you won't be able to access that after May 31. See the PDF above for instructions, and I'll add videos going over this soon!

    1. I have a question. I bought my external hard drive so im ready to put MDS on there but i also need to back up my whole laptop on it so what would my steps be vs what you have provided for MDS, which by the way are excellent videos, very helpful! !

  5. Thanks for the info. I'm doing 2 separate backups on 2 external hard drives, so hopefully I will be able to use MDS for a long while. I look forward to viewing your videos and appreciate your doing this for all us users.

  6. This is great! I need to refer a few people here! Thank you!

  7. Love this info! However, I just called Demonstrator Support who told me that we had until May 31, 2015 to download and backup our MDS files. Do you have something from SU that indicates an extension - I haven't seen one anywhere else?

  8. I don't know what to tell you. I copied the above information straight from the blog. I would think that's reliable. Plus, there was an update on the Demonstrator website a while back with the June 2 and June 9th dates shown above. I guess I would advise getting everything done before May 31 to be safe.

  9. I have been participating in MDS Monday challenges for at least a year or two and have just discovered this tab on the MDS Monday site. What a wealth of information! Thanks for all the support you are giving us with this information being all in one place. Thanks so very much! I really enjoyed being able to combine digital scrapbooking and my Stampin' Up! business. It seems now that I am being forced to go to Project Life scrapbooking for business purposes. I will check out the two places for digital scrapbooking challenges to keep me doing digital stuff just for personal use.


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