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On June 1, Stampin' Up! made the following announcement on regarding printing:

Starting on June 3, StoryRock will make a number of additional print products available through the latest version of the MyMemories software. Stampin’ Up! has worked with StoryRock to introduce some of our most popular print products, like additional card, photobook, and calendar options and sizes. We will post a detailed list of those products and StoryRock’s prices on on June 3.

Additionally, Beth wrote this great article regarding alternative printing options.  (Thanks so much Beth!!!):

If you are like me, you are looking for places to get your pages printed once Stampin' Up! print services are no longer available.  I have been looking at so many places online and listening to reviews from others who have given some of these options a try.  Here is what I learned so far....

Persnickety prints seems to be a favorite of many people in the 12 x 12 format.  Just about everyone who has used them has given them rave reviews.  12 x 12 pages start at $1.99.  They have mini books and photo books too.  5 x 5 mini albums with soft covers and 60 pages start at just $10.  MDS does have a 5 x 5 template, so this works nicely, and you can edit any square templates into 5x5.  Persnickety also prints cards and they have a big library to choose from, or you can click the design your own to upload one you created in MDS.

Costco does 12 x 12 printing.  If you have a Costco in your area, it seems like it would be worthwhile to take in a thumb drive and see what you think, as their costs are not bad at all.  But, reviews vary from store to store.  Some say that the printing and colors are spot on for SU! colors and print service; others have said the greens and blues are good, but not true to SU!.  I think this may be due to the machine and how each Costco calibrates it or something, so maybe take in something you have had printed in the past and compare it.  Scrapbook prints start at $1.79.

Shutterfly offers 12 x 12 prints, but they are pricey IMHO :)  $5.59 for 12x12.   The photobooks are not as bad. and they offers tons of coupons.  Virtually all say the quality is high, so you get what you pay for.

Office Depot/Max does up to 11 x 17, but this does not include 12 x 12.  I have had some things printed when I was going to frame them in 10 by 10 and they are super great prints, so if you work in 8 1/2 by 11 or other size formats, Office Depot is the way to go.  I brought in a previous page for them to see the paper and use one that was the same.  Once you know what type of paper (they have so many choices) then you can do future orders online.  They also print other items like notebooks or folders or mugs and so much more.

 Heritage Makers looks interesting but expensive for 12 x 12 at $3.94 per page or $5.91 for double sided.  They seem to have the biggest selection of photo book styles and even swatchbooks and flipbooks in a few sizes.   This company offers the use of their templates and you can customize using their design center with papers and embellishments.  In order to use your own designs you would have to add a page with a full page photo box and add your page to the photo box.
Mixbook  is a site that has photobooks in many sizes and well as a good selection of calendars.  This site has mostly predesigned templates that you add your photos to, so if you want to use your page designs you would have to create a custom book with full photo box pages and fill them with your pages.

Walgreens offers a varitey of print products. 12 x 12 starts at $4.99 a page.  They use heavier paper.  They often have 40% off coupons. 

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